Happy 2013!!

Happy new year!!

I can hardly believe that it's now 2013. I know everyone says it, but, really, where did 2012 go? It was a very busy year for us, full of big decisions and changes for our little family.  The biggest bit of news is this:

We welcomed the newest member of our family, a little girl, at the end of November. Big brother M is over the moon in love with her - and luckily the newness of it all hasn't faded for him. He continues to break into that big gorgeous smile any time he talks to her or even talks about her. I know it won't always be like this (I am a big sister myself, after all), so I will carry this picture in my mind and heart forever.

Little V is now 7 weeks old and has integrated into our family quite nicely. Mikey and I are still pretty tired and sleep deprived,but we are treasuring every moment -- as we are constantly reminded by M that it all goes by too quickly (I mean, just look at him! He's so big!). 

I am starting 2013 feeling really fortunate with these two little munchkins and their Daddy in my life. Now I'm off to tackle that endless pile of laundry...