January Project: Clever Coasters

I am happy to say that I completed my January project, the Clever Coasters from Bend the Rules Sewing (pg 77), a few days ago. I'd just been waiting for a sunny day to get some good shots. I chose to make a set of 9 personalized coasters for a friend whose birthday is coming up, and chose to use this gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric that I'd been hoarding. She's got these really pretty blue glasses that I think will look great with this fabric.

I loved how quick, fun, and easy these coasters were to make. I tend to like my coasters a little stiffer, so I might use batting instead of flannel for the next set I make (which will be for our own home). Also, instead of using binding (as suggested) for the word strips, I used some polyester twill tape I had around. I am less than thrilled by how the word strips turned out - they kind of puckered when I stitched them on. Maybe that was a result of my sewing machine settings, and not so much due to using the polyester twill tape... Still, next time I'll be using some cotton twill tape or binding for the word strips instead.

I am so happy I finally made these coasters, since they caught my eye the first time I read the book back in 2007. It's shameful it's taken me this long to make something out of it, but I guess that's the point of this self-imposed challenge: Stop looking at my books and start making!

Off to pick out fabric for the next set of coasters!

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