Lake, Splash, Root Beer, & some Grass, too!

Have you seen this adorableness? When I first saw the pattern for this Cheery Scrap Cap, I just knew I had to make one. And
who better to make one for than our nephew, who we will visit next month.
After digging through my yarn bag, I realized that I didn't have quite as many boy colors left in my stash as I'd hoped: just a tiny amount of Lake and some Splash, Root Beer, and Leaf (Spud & Chloe sweater - yum!). Not wanting to make a trip to my LYS, I decided to modify the pattern a bit, ending up with a 10 stitch repeat instead of the 12 stitch repeat the pattern uses. I couldn't figure out how to modify the skulls and crossbones, which was a total bummer, since I think they'd have looked adorable in Splash on a Root Beer background. Baby M loved modeling this hat and was very bummed when he realized it wasn't for him. I guess I'll just have to make one for him after all... :)

This was only my second time doing some color work, and I found using this many colors a little confusing. I think I need to practice carrying the yarn in my free fingers, because I kept getting them slightly tangled in the back. I must say that the underside doesn't look as clean as I wish it did, but I guess that's ok...

And our newest nephew, who we will meet next month, needed a hat to coordinate with big brother's! So I (yet again!) used Amanda Keeys' book Baby Beanies to whip up a Pompom Bear hat. I am a sucker for pompoms on babies, and cannot wait to see that adorable babe in his new hat!


Parties, Tabletops and Friends said...

I love everything you have done this last month. You are so talented! Everything looks so beautiful and Marco looks so handsome with his new hat.
The booties are great!

Anonymous said...
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