Fall Quilt Show

Amy of Park City Girl is hosting a Fall Quilt Show. I have had the opportunity to browse through the entries of about a quarter of the participants, and they are truly stunning. There are some seriously talented quilters out there! I love how people are so generous with their talent and knowledge and choose to post their work for others to admire and learn from. Being a novice at this, I was hesitant to post a quilt of my own... but I finally finished Baby M's soccer quilt, and decided I would join in.

The quilt is small and fraught with all sorts of errors: seams not lining up, puckers in the quilting, crooked quilting lines, etc. But I love it anyway... I purchased the soccer fabric a few weeks after finding out we were expecting a boy, knowing Mikey would love it. I chose the red and blue for the blocks because they were the only fabrics that matched that I actually had enough of... and the white was added to keep it from looking too busy. Mikey calls it Baby M's Fourth of July Soccer quilt, which makes me giggle. I was happy to see the little guy get right on the floor with his quilt the second I set it down. Imperfect as it is, I know it will be loved.

This photo was take pre-washing, right after I finished hand stitching the binding -- so don't look too closely, or you'll see where I picked out the incredibly crooked quilting I had done but hated!

Thanks for looking!