Quilt in progress

Last summer, when Baby M was a newborn, I ordered a pack of charm squares from the Boy Oh Boy line (cool blog post about the design process here) hoping to make him his first baby quilt. The second I saw this fabric line, I immediately fell in love with the colors and the artwork, and was especially happy to see the various shades of blues, greens, and purples included in the line. Sadly, I only got as far as cutting the squares in half, as my plan was to make a stacked coin quilt for him. Then the fabric sat, untouched but not forgotten, in my pile of WIPs.

Now this fabric just doesn't seem at all right for a little guy who likes trucks, trains, planes, and dinosaurs, so rather than let it sit untouched much longer, I thought I would use it to craft a gift for our new nephew. It makes me so very happy to know that another soft, cuddly newborn boy will get to do tummy time on this fabric that was so lovingly chosen for a project that was never completed!

The quilt came together surprisingly quickly, and now I've got a completed quilt top I hope to baste, quilt, and bind in the next few days (we leave at the end of the week to meet the little guy!). I tried my best to get a good shot of the completed quilt top, but Baby M decided it was the perfect place to sit and read a book, so I had to settle for this shot. Not the best, but such a perfect snapshot of our lives right now, so I've got to laugh. I'm off to baste... wish me luck!


Still Bending-the-Rules

Ok, so I know that I should be picking my February project, but I've been a little distracted. I haven't yet started on my second set of coasters, but I did make our little guy a few placemats from Bend-the-Rules Sewing in hopes that having a more attractive place at the table would lead to a more open mind regarding food. So far it hasn't worked so well. But isn't it cute?

I made 4 placemats, all different, using some super adorable flannel I had lying around. This is probably his favorite ("Boo Vroom!"), but I'm hoping he'll grow to love the chinese food boxes just as well. Maybe if I keep hinting there's noodles in the boxes? :)

I love how absorbent flannel is (didn't need a middle flannel layer), but it sure is stretchy. It's either that or I'm pulling at the fabric as I sew... not sure. See how the edge kind of curls? He doesn't seem to notice, though, so I guess it's ok.