Pretty flowers

On Saturday, I hosted a shower for baby Oliver and his Mama, and we had such a nice time. Of course, I completely forgot to take any pictures, which makes me sad. I'm taking it to be a sign of a good party and not a sign of a bad hostess...

I really wanted to have some pretty flowers for the shower, but I've never actually arranged flowers, believe it or not. My Mom and my Aunt are the ones with a talent for that. Still, I figured it was worth a shot, and if all else failed, I'd just place them in water in one of the vases we got for our wedding, which mostly collect dust these days.

I really wanted to use some beautiful blue hydrangeas and white ranunculus, but they were a little out of my budget. Instead, I settled on some yellow spray roses, white tulips, white daisies, and some green mums (do they dye those?). I had enough flowers to make the main table arrangement on the "It's a Boy!" wagon we received as a gift when the Monkey was born, plus 3 smaller arrangements. I used some pretty green wine glasses for those, and those were placed around the room for little touches of spring here and there.

The flowers are still looking really good, making the inside of the house look as spring-y as the outside. I hope they last a few more days. It's amazing what some pretty flowers will do for your mood and for dressing up an otherwise very plain dinner table!

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