Knitting on my commute

I'm lucky to have a short 15-minute commute on the bus every day, and I love having those 15 minutes before arriving at work to organize my thoughts about what I need to accomplish that day. Keeping my hands busy really helps me to think and relax, so I've been working on this little treasure vest for the Monkey on my commute (and while watching movies with Mikey, too...).

I'm really excited about how its turning out and cannot wait to finish it. It's my first garment, other than hats, knit in the round and so far so good. Of course, I haven't gotten to the shaping of the neck, so I may be moaning in a few days when I get there!

It feels a little funny working on fall clothes for the Monkey when Summer feels like it just arrived to our corner of the world. And especially when we find ourselves doing a lot of this in the evenings:

Hope you're enjoying your summer. Got any projects you take with you on the road?

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