From our {long} weekend

playing patio "hockey"

barefoot at the park (in near 70 degree weather) making sand angels

climbing trees

enjoying having daddy home, out collecting pine needles

building a nest for his baby dinos

Mikey was gone for part of the weekend, which left M and me to have each other's undivided attention for a couple of days. We spent our Friday and Saturday enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we've been having by playing outdoors as much as possible. I really loved running around at the park like a 3-year-old, pretending to be a dinosaur ninja (whatever that may be). And I hope that as he grows, he'll remember his Mom making a fool of herself growling and jumping and running around, and he'll know, without a doubt, that he's loved.

On Sunday, Mikey returned home, just in time for cold, rainy weather. We spent the day at home, cooking, laughing, and (what else?) roaring and pretending to be dinosaurs. (For some reason I always end up being the T. Rex that everyone runs away from. I'm trying not to take it personally.) I'm told there was snow not too far from us, but by the time we woke up this morning, there was only a slight dusting where we live. Today, we've been soaking up one last day together before having to get back to the everyday routine tomorrow. Luckily for us, my Mom will be here later this week, to join in the fun.

Thank goodness for long weekends.

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