Green Tea Leaves

Last Friday, my Green Tea Leaves cardigan finally dried and I could wear it. M, who is now home with me on Mondays and Fridays, "helped" me attach the buttons by handing them to me one by one while reminding me that "needles are very sharp, so please be careful, Mama!". It was very sweet, but it slowed down the process significantly. I had held off putting the sweater on until the buttons were all in place, and I'll tell you, it was really really hard not to rush it. 

Once the buttons were finally in place, I put the cardigan on, and my first thought was how incredibly soft the yarn was. It's so soft, in fact, that I've been wearing this sweater with tank tops (it is pretty warm here now, after all). I used Knit Picks Swish Tonal, and I guess it's not a very popular yarn to knit adult sweaters with, because a search on Ravelry yielded few adult sweater projects using this yarn. Anyway, yes, the yarn is very, very soft. But having said that, after just 4 days of nearly around-the-clock wear, I'm starting to see some pilling on the inner sleeves.

Knitting up this pattern was a delight. I made a size 36 thinking I wanted this sweater to be an everyday sort of sweater, comfy and roomy. I should have made the next size down, and it would probably still have been roomy enough. The yoke is just a teensy bit too deep, so the arm holes feel a little too big. I prefer my sleeves to be on the long side, so next time I'll definitely be adding to their length. I've heard folks complain about the wide neck of this sweater, but I think it's lovely. I've been wearing mine in place of my much worn black fleece jacket. Luckily, it appears my outfits mostly consist of jeans these days, so it works perfectly.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with how this sweater turned out. I'm feeling pretty pumped about finally finishing an adult sweater (poor Mike is still waiting for his, and I started his 5 months before this one!), and I've already cast on for my next one. Errr... wait, maybe I should go finish Mikey's sweater first.

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