Happy First Day of Spring!

Hope you had lovely weather where you live. We've been lucky the last 5 days or so, with gorgeous Spring weather. Today, though, was absolutely beautiful, with clear skies, sun, and temps this afternoon near 70!

So of course that has meant lots and lots of outdoors time for all of us, which the Monkey has been loving. In the last few months, he's really become something of a nature explorer and collector. Anytime we're outdoors now, we've got to stop and touch the flowers, pick up a rock or a pinecone, or play with a twig.

It's pretty cool.

The back of his car now looks something like this... Actually, this was taken a couple of days ago. Now his collection is about twice this. I'm thinking April's project will be making him a mesh treasure bag, like that in Amanda Soule's book, Handmade Home. He'll love that.

Speaking of which...

You probably thought I forgot all about my March project, didn't you? I didn't forget, I've just been dragging my feet til last night, when I whipped up a cute banner for a sweet baby boy whose welcome party I hosted today. You'll have to take my word for it that the banner was downright adorable, because I didn't take any pictures at the party and it has now been sent home with the new Mama and baby. I enjoyed it so much, though, that I'm making one for our family which I plan to photograph and share before the end of the month.

For now, I'm off to relax. Happy Spring!

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