Last hat of the season

We have been having some really warm, mild weather around here. So mild, in fact, that our trees are in full bloom and looking gorgeous. I guess that means no more hat knitting for me (so sad!).

Before the weather got this warm, though, I did manage to squeeze in one last hat for Baby M. No wool this time, which is good, so it can be his spring hat. I saw this lovely hat on the Tot Toppers blog (she's SO talented!), and I had to giggle because I had the exact yarn in my stash. I'd purchased it shortly after my Mom left after Thanksgiving, because I wanted to make a hat for Baby M that matched his new fleece from his Biti. I hadn't thought of what pattern to use for his hat, though, and it sat untouched until January.

Once January rolled around and I realized he would soon outgrow his orange and gray fleece, I knew I had to get cracking. And I immediately thought of the Tot Toppers hat. I loved the pom-pom. the predominance of the gray, and the simplicity of the Fair Isle pattern. But I knew that I didn't want ear flaps, as this was to be a Spring hat. So I kind of made up a pattern as I went along, using Amanda Keeys' book as inspiration (best purchase EVER! I've used it so much!).

I totally love how it turned out, and so does Baby M. Every time we go out now, he requests his "bam-bam" hat, even if he's not wearing his orange and grey fleece.

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