I find it somewhat ironic that almost immediately after writing my last post, the weather changed in our corner of the world. It went from the unseasonal, yet gorgeous, Spring weather we'd been enjoying back to our typical grey, rainy days. And cold, very cold (well, after 65 degrees, 40 feels very cold!). And so we're finding ourselves spending more time indoors, entertaining ourselves.

There's lots of time pretending to cook or clean or "driving" his cars. There's also lots of time reading and lots of time dancing. But lately there's also been lots of time painting. We got Baby M finger paints for Christmas, but he had absolutely no interest in getting his little fingers dirty at that time. Little by little, he's been getting more and more interested in the paint, though.

He's still not a fan of getting his fingers dirty (thus the paintbrushes). But now that he knows his colors, he loves to request each one by name as the little cups get a little squirt of color in each. Always the little helper, he's keen on opening the bottles to help Mama squeeze out just the right amount. I always worry he might burst with excitement if I take just a little too long getting everything ready.

And this apron? It has made a fun little addition to our painting routine. The Monkey now knows to put on his apron before we can paint, and he helpfully hangs it up after he's done. It came together very quickly using Meg's tutorial found here. He and I love it so much, in fact, we might have to make a couple more for each of our messy indoor activities!

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