Slowing down (or trying to)

These past couple of weeks have been a lot busier than I had expected. Isn't that always the case? We had a sick toddler, visitors, a conference to attend, a presentation to give, a poster to prepare, and an interview -- all amidst the routines, chores, and stuff of the everyday. I can't say it's been bad, because it hasn't. It's just filled up our days in ways I hadn't foreseen and left me with little time for any sort of crafting.

So this week, along with catching up on my magazine subscriptions, cleaning, and email (not necessarily in that order), I've been trying to slow down and return to our usual day to day routine. As much as the Monkey enjoyed having his grandparents caring for him while I attended my conference, I think he's welcoming the return to our everyday life. All of a sudden, it's like he's my little shadow, not happy unless he's right there by my side, holding my hand or the mop or the mixing spoon or whatever I might be holding at the time. It's nice. It makes things go slower than I'd like sometimes, but I just remind myself that he won't be this age forever. In fact, he probably won't even want to hang out with me in a few years, so I have to enjoy it while I can.

I still have some things left to do on my to do list, but it's significantly shorter and feels much more manageable. And in between getting all those things checked off, I'll make sure to squeeze in some sewing time. After all, I have a treasure bag to finish and a little boy who is anxious to collect more rocks.

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