Birthday fun

The past few days have been filled with all sorts of birthday fun for us -- and not just because of my birthday (though my boys did pamper and spoil me!). Over the weekend, we had two birthday parties to attend, and both were just loads of fun. The Monkey, especially, had a blast and loved being able to sing "Happy Birthday" over and over (and over) again.

Both of the children celebrating their birthdays this weekend hold a very dear place in our hearts. They are the Monkey's oldest friends, and were born to two of my closest friends. It was really a wonderful experience to be expecting the Monkey while my two good friends expected their babies, too.

Of course, I wanted to make them each something special and handmade for their birthday. I wasn't sure at all what to make for the Monkey's little buddy, L, since he's a very active little boy. I finally settled on a car-themed art roll-up like the one I made for his sister a few months ago (pattern from mr. monkeysuit, who has a new blog here).

And for the Monkey's little girl friend, E, I made the ruffled halter top I posted yesterday and we put together a little summer fun basket for her. It included a small crayon roll-up, some books, a National Geographic kids, a drawing pad, some gardening stuff, and a treasure bag like the one in Handmade Home (yay, May project completed!).

And now that these birthdays are behind us (too fast!), I'm off to try to get back on-task. I figure the faster I get things crossed off the ever-growing to do list, the faster I'll get back in the sewing room, right?

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