A bit of a blur

The last month has been a bit of a blur. We've been busy with all sorts of things, mostly pleasant and exciting.

For one, we put in our garden (for a second time...) with the help of some out of town friends. A month ago, when this picture was taken, the arugula and mixed greens were just barely coming in.

We finally transferred our tomatoes to the ground, only to have a long month of wet and cloudy weather. We were worried that our tomatoes wouldn't grow, but now that summer weather has finally arrived in the Pacific NW, they seem to be doing just fine.

We celebrated this little guy's birthday with a small backyard gathering, and realized that he had known almost all our guests since he was only a few weeks (or days!) old. His birthday was made all the more special with a visit from his grandmother.

With the little bits of sunshine we got in June, our garden started to flourish and we started enjoying garden fresh salads and lots of dishes with arugula.

And radishes. Lots of radishes. I was never a fan of radishes, but they taste so much better when they come out of your own backyard.

And now that summer weather has arrived and seems to be sticking, we've been spending lots of time outdoors, enjoying all this season has to offer. One favorite stop with the Monkey is the petting area of the zoo, especially with the old school tractor.

With all this, I've only found some time here and there to craft, and so June's project didn't happen. I've got high hopes for July, though, and will be back to share some new projects in the next few days. For now, enjoy the sunshine!

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