New Pillow

For the last year, we've been planning to move back East to be closer to family, but of course the economy didn't cooperate and so here we are for another year. Not the worst place to be, if you ask me.

Still, the last year I haven't bothered much with decorating our home, thinking this was just temporary and I could focus on decorating our new home wherever we ended up. Well, if this year has taught me anything, it's not to put life on hold because you never know what's going to happen. And so, I've decided it's about time I put some effort into making our home look the way I've been envisioning it.

My first project: new pillows for the couch. We've got this brown (amazingly comfy) couch in a dark-ish room, and it just needed something to brighten it up. After buying a red chair for the room, I figured why not cover the pillows and use red and aqua as the colors?

Here's my first pillow, using the string quilt technique I'm suing for my WIP. I used 9.5" squares, with a variety of fabrics in my stash. I challenged myself to do this with what I already owned, and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I have one more pillow to cover, and am wondering: should I make the two pillows the same? Or try a new layout using the same fabrics?

I have time to think about it, since we've got visitors staying in my sewing room. In the meantime, I would love to hear your opinions!

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Amanda said...

Love Love Love that pillow! I would say same fabrics, different pattern for the 2nd pillow. You truely are amazing!!!

I totally understand not decorating, or settling all the way in, when you know you won't be there forever. Even though we kew we'd be in VT for at least a few years, I have have a hard time getting too settled, and putting my heart into decorating.

P.S. Must see more birthday party pictures!!!!
Miss you lots!