One berry, two berries, pick me a blueberry!

If you have kids, you might recognize the title of this post as the first few lines of the bookJamberry by Bruce Degen. It's always been a favorite around here, but in the past week we've been chanting it quite a bit.
That's because, like the characters of the book, we went to pick berries this week. Twice. That's how much we enjoyed it. It's been a cold Spring and early Summer around here, so we had a difficult time finding a farm that had ripe berries to pick. A little internet search and a short drive later, and we arrived at Bryant Blueberry Farm. We really can't recommend this place enough. If you've got young children with short attention spans, this is the place to go. It's clean, it's small, and they've got a ton of blueberry bushes (though only 11 rows were ready for picking, and even then you really had to pay attention to which blueberries were making their way into your bucket. Or mouth.)

The Monkey had a really fantastic time, visiting the goats, playing in the sandbox and swings, and especially helping pick blueberries. Of course, for every one berry he put in the bucket, two went in his mouth, but that's ok. He's been talking about how much fun he had berry picking all week long.

We came home with 4 pounds on the first visit, and 5 pounds on our second visit. We eat lots and lots of blueberries around here, but even we can't go through all those berries on our own. I've frozen a few batches to make sure we have berries for pancakes later in the year, and I'm trying to bake up a few blueberry treats, too.

I tried my hand at blueberry muffins (from an old Cooking Light book), and though they were tasty, they were just OK. However, I just saw Amy posted this blueberry muffin recipe, so I might have to try my hand at those today. I'll let you know how those turn out...

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They look very very yummy