EZ lovin'

A few weeks ago, I mentioned having added some new craft books to my personal library. The truth is that I don't need any more craft books, but I love them so. And, well, they get a fair amount of use around here, whether for inspiration or to actually make the project as described. KnitPicks had a book sale a few weeks back, and I decided to add some of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books to my collection. I had purchased Knitting Without Tears a couple of years ago, when I first had contemplated making a sweater for M. At the time, I didn't have enough experience knitting to understand what she was describing, and, frankly, I was more overwhelmed than inspired.

Fast-forward to 2011. I've now become acquainted with different stitches and have even completed my first toddler-sized sweater (more on that later), and picked up KWT again to read on the bus. Suddenly, what made no sense before, made complete sense now, and, what's better, made me laugh! And, of course, I'd seen Amanda mention EZ's writings recently, so I was inspired. Naturally, with the purchase of new craft books, comes the promise (to my husband, especially) that they will be used to make many, many projects. I'm happy to report that this time the promise will be kept: I've already cast on (and half completed) a toddler-sized tomten jacket. I'm so excited, I wish I could spend all day knitting!

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