Hello, Spring

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to have sunshine and warmth, the perfect way to welcome Spring. We've been having incredibly wet, dark, dreary weekends lately, so it was a welcome change. We spent a large part of our weekend outdoors, enjoying the warmth and sunshine, but on Saturday, we spent an hour or so starting our tomatoes and onions indoors. We're trying a bunch of different varieties of tomatoes this year, all of them early varieties, which we hope will do well here in the Pacific NW. Last year, we had such a cloudy, cool summer that our beautiful tomatoes never ripened. 

This will be our third year having a garden, and every year M becomes more and more aware and interested in the process of growing our own food. This was the first year that he was really into helping get the plants started. We've been talking a lot about seed selection and the gardening process, and he was more than thrilled about getting the seedling mix ready, holding the seeds in his hands, and carefully watering each container.

We were having so much fun that we went a little crazy with the tomato starters, but I figure it's better to have extra than not enough. Plus, this way, we'll have extra plants to pass on to friends and to swap with neighbors for other veggie starters -- maybe zucchini? Or broccoli?

Such a fun weekend. Hello, Spring. We're ready for you.

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