I started knitting in 2009, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered KnitPicks, which is too bad because they are very budget friendly. They sell some really beautiful yarn, and after admiring it for months, I finally placed my first yarn order a few weeks ago. It was my first time ordering yarn, preferring to visit my local yarn store to touch and feel the yarn prior to buying, so I was a little nervous about what the yarn would be like. I was delighted to find that the yarn is very soft, and from what I've read in Ravelry, is even softer once washed.

I was so tempted to order all sorts of different yarns and colors, without a real plan for them. It was hard, but I stopped myself and ordered only the yarn that I have an immediate plan for. This is what I've got planned:

  • I'm using Swish Worsted (in Peapod) to make the Easy Baby Cardigan, which I'm already almost done with (but sharing will have to wait, as the baby it's intended for hasn't yet arrived)
  • I'm using Swish DK (in Dusk) to make M a second Treasure Vest, which I hope to have ready by Easter (though I haven't yet cast on for it)
  • I'm using the Felicy (in Rainbow) to make M a Curly Snake (a special request by M himself, after he found my Itty Bitty Toy books the other day)
  • The rest of the Felicy (in Botany and... I don't remember the other one) are destined to become baby booties to go with the Easy Baby Cardigan, and a pair of socks for me (my first!)

Seriously, I know how ambitious that list is (especially knowing that the odds of completing a project are exponentially higher when I only have one or two going at a time...), you don't have to tell me. But how could I help myself, with that yummy yarn? Now to get that Tomten jacket finished so I can cast on my next project...

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