Monday Morning Gratitudes

This past weekend, our little guy came down with a cold. which left him whiny, fussy, and challenging, to say the least. Between that and a few other sources of stress this past week, I had mentally labeled this past week as "one of those weeks". But I just took a look at the pictures I took this week, and I'm finding that, yes, there was much to be frustrated over... but there was so much more to be grateful for. So, as I look back on last week, here are a few things I am grateful for today:

Bread dough in my fridge, making it possible to have a pizza dinner on the table in 20 mins

The return of the salad dinner, and a little boy who wants to join in

Longer (and slightly dryer) days means outdoor play after dinner

Flowers and a sweet note after an extra long day at work

A family walk to the grocery store for M's favorite treat: popsicles

It's the little things. Happy Monday!

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