Earth tone baby booties

You'd think that since we're getting ready for a big cross-country move, the crafting would come to a halt. But I find that when I don't get my crafting fix, I'm just plain crabby. And so, as I make lists of all the things we need to do before we move, I'm making an additional list: little portable craft projects to work on during this time of transition. After all, who wants a crabby Mama?

So, to keep the crabbies at bay (and because baby booties are the cutest and fastest baby gift), I've been working on these earth tone baby booties (Ravelry details here). I've made these before and I remember really enjoying this pattern. I was so happy to find that I remembered correctly -- this is a really fun and quick pattern. And I really love that they have ties, so as to make sure they stay on. So cute!

I used Knit Picks Felici (can't recall the colorway), and think it makes for a funky, boyish pair of booties. They're not quite cuddly, but still pretty cute. I was happy to find I could make 2 pairs of these booties out of one skein, which was lovely. These are so super soft -- LOVE.

And look how adorably tiny they are. They're on their way to Baby Hudson, and I'm so hoping his feet aren't as big as M's were when he was a newborn, so that they'll fit at least for a few weeks!

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