New town, new house, new routines

I had grand intentions of posting as we transitioned from our life in Seattle to our new life in NC. Obviously, that didn't happen. I had largely underestimated how busy we would be, how overwhelming the whole process would feel, and just how sad we'd be leaving Seattle. For nearly 9 years, we lived, worked, laughed, and loved in Seattle. That's where we each attended and finished grad school, worked, met some of the most amazing people we've ever met, got engaged, planned a long-distance wedding, and started our family. All along the way, we have had incredibly kind, generous, loving friends helping us and cheering us on -- and it's them who will miss the most.

But time moves forward (and, if you have a child, you know how quickly it does so!), and we are now in our new stomping grounds, finding our way around and trying our best to get settled in. I want so badly to like it here, because I want our little family to thrive and be as happy as we were in Seattle. Things are so different here from what we're used to, especially this summer heat. I think once temps cool down a bit it'll be easier to explore and get to know (and hopefully love) the area.

And even though so much has changed, it's so comforting to see that some things stay the same:

Thank goodness for little boys, which make life oh-so-messy, but also incredibly sweet.

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