On Being a Mother

In just a few short weeks, my little guy is going to be 3. THREE! How is that possible? It feels like we just brought him home, completely smitten and yet in total shock that they'd actually let us leave the hospital with this tiny being. And now there isn't a trace of that baby left in this little boy anymore (well, except for that occasional whining session). In these past three years, here are a few things I've learned about being a Mother:

  • From the moment he was born, I knew that there is nothing I will achieve in my life that will ever compare to being a Mother and raising my son.
  • Spontaneous kisses and hugs from my toddler are more valuable to me than gold.
  • It's important to take any opportunity to be playful and join in the game, even if roaring at the top of my lungs in our backyard makes me feel silly.
  • I am my son's first teacher, and the way I react to things really make an impression on him.
  • Kindness in dealing with tantrums and less than ideal behavior goes a long way.
  • Sharing silly moments with my little guy makes both of us happy.
  • To watch my little guy jump, run, learn, sing... it all makes my heart soar. 
  • You can't understand the depth of a parent's love for their child until you become a parent yourself.
  • Quiet moments, when he spontaneously holds my hand for no reason whatsoever, are becoming fewer and farther in between. I want to memorize every second of every moment, because they are pure bliss.
  • My life is richer, happier, louder, more challenging, more frustrating, more rewarding, and messier as a Mother than I'd ever expected it would be. And I love it.
  • He doesn't expect perfection from me, just unconditional love, protection, and guidance.. so I have to remember to be kind with myself when I fall short.
I'm so looking forward to watching my little guy grow, achieve, and learn. I'm so happy I get to come along for the ride. 

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