Packing a toddler's snack box

Last week I was browsing on Pinterest (awesome site!) and came across beautiful images of bento box lunches for kids. The care and whimsy used in packing those lunches just made me smile, especially when I imagined the delight in those children's eyes as they opened their lunches.

My own little guy has lunch provided for him at his school, so I don't (yet) have to pack him a lunch daily. What I do have to pack daily is a snack box. My boy is an active little boy, and is ravenous by the time I pick him up from school. Using all the bento box inspiration out there, I started packing his own little bento snack box. He loves getting small portions of a variety of favorite foods, and his favorite part is having the food separated by the little (shaped) silicone baking cups.

There are some great blogs and websites out there to get some bento box inspiration -- my favorites are Wendolonia and Lunch-in-a-box. Both have articles on how to get started, photo galleries and ideas, and basic supplies. 

Bon appetit!

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amandamatou said...

You are the coolest mom ever, I am taking notes!