Getting back to quilting

I was expecting M when I first went into a quilt shop and discovered online fabric stores. I promptly fell in love with all things fabric, and dove head first into quilting. I never took a proper class on the subject, and everything I know about quilting I learned from quilting blogs (of which there are many very good ones, whose owners generously share their knowledge in the form of tutorials, etc.).

For a while there, I was on a roll, sewing and quilting gifts for friends and my own family. And then we moved, and my fabric stash, which had previously lived on tall shelves in our old home, got put away in plastic bins. The plastic bins are now stacked in my bedroom and serve as my night table (don't judge), and rarely get opened anymore.

That is, until this week. I decided it's about time I finished some of the many incomplete projects I moved with the intention of finishing up once we got settled. So I pulled some fabric and started playing. I haven't yet started working on those projects I just mentioned, of course. I'm warming up, you see. Getting the hang of it again, methodically pinning, sewing, and pressing. I like to hear the humm of my sewing machine as I feed little pieces of fabric into it. I love seeing said pieces come together to make something pretty. 

But of course, I've got to be careful. My tendency to begin projects that don't get finished is well-known to my family and friends (What can I say? My brain works faster than my hands...). And so, besides working on those forgotten projects, I am limiting myself to making cute little pink houses. I know exactly what they'll be used for, but I'll share that with you later. Now, off I go to get some piecing done!

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