I had grand plans to stop by yesterday and share some of the fun we had this weekend with my Mom in town, but the truth is: we had so much fun that I hardly remembered to take any pictures at all! It was so great having her to ourselves for a whole weekend, and M especially loved getting to spend some quality time with his Biti. It was very sweet watching him tell her all about his passion for dinosaurs and superheroes, and asking her to read to him. Thanks for the fun visit, Mom. We're all missing you already.

And now, it's back to reality and the routine of the everyday. I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after her visit, but that's usually how it goes after having an all-fun-and-no-work sort of weekend. It's taking me a little longer today to make my usual to do lists and actually getting things done.

One thing on my to do list is to finish up my Green Tea Leaves cardigan. I am making good progress, with both sleeves finished and only the button bands left to go. Unfortunately, I've only got enough yarn for one of the button bands left, and will have to buy one more skein for the other one.  

While I wait for the yarn to arrive, I'm starting to plan my next big knitting project: a Rocky Coast cardigan. It looks divine, and I cannot wait to cast on. Having never knit cables, I'm thinking maybe tackling a smaller cabled project first might be a good idea. This hat, maybe?

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