Around here...

Life is back to normal at our little house. We're returning to our routines, getting back into the swing of things, and getting projects out and worked on again. Our guest bedroom doubles as a craft space of sorts, and whenever we have visitors all my projects get put away in a mad dash to make the room comfortable and... well, tidy.  (I am not the tidiest when crafting, and since my projects tend to take a long time to get completed, the room is messy more often than not).

About a week or two ago, I started cutting some darling (very girly) fabrics to make very pretty pink, blue, gray, and red quilt (with lots and lots of white, of course!). The piecing is going slowly. My seams are rarely accurately 1/4" and I need to pay a lot of attention as I piece to ensure that the finished block looks just right. I am not usually so fussy about piecing and the finished product, but I really want this quilt to be something that I'll be happy to display on our bed come summertime.

In preparation for my Mom's arrival, the cut fabrics were tucked away last Friday in a spot where little M wouldn't find them (he loves to mangle cut fabric these days with his toddler scissors).  I took them out again last night, and am so looking forward to carving out some time to sit down at the sewing machine and see the blocks come together. This is one project I am not rushing, and will savor... hopefully the end result will be as lovely as I envision it.

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